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Legal Information About the Antioch Clipper®

The Antioch Clipper® is patented under United States Patent #6,539,632. Manufactured under exclusive worldwide license by Intelligent Technologies, Inc., Vancouver, Washington USA.

Antioch Clipper® is a trademark and trade name of the Holistic Center of Antioch. All rights reserved. Used under license by Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

Pedi Clipper is a trademark and trade name of  Practical Specialties, LLC.  All rights reserved. Used by permission to Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

Any and all other trademarks used herein are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.

The web page design and all original graphics used herein Copyright © 2011 by Intelligent Technologies, Inc.  All rights reserved.


Copyright © 2011, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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