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How to Use The Antioch Clipper® Long Handled Toenail Clipper

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Important Note: Before you begin be sure to familiarize yourself with the various hardware features of the Antioch Clipper®:

The Antioch Clipper® Long Handled Toenail Clipper

Important Note: Trimming toenails is not something we do every day so it may take a few sessions for you to become fast and proficient at using the Antioch Clipper® to trim your toenails. The procedure may look a little complicated but don't worry. Be patient and after a little practice it will be easy and well worth your effort.

bullet Step - Get ready to use the Antioch Clipper®Step 1 - Get Ready - Wash and dry your feet then place your heel on the floor or on a footstool with your toes pointed up. Never try to trim your toenails with your foot flat on the floor.

bulletStep 2 - Align Magnifier (optional) - most people won’t need to use the magnifier lens but if you do, you can adjust it by loosening the lock nut, sliding the lens up or down and/or and rotating it left or right on the clipper arm shaft to get the best view then re-tightening the lock nut.

bullet Step 3 - Grip the Antioch Clipper® finger gripsStep 3 - Grip the Clipper Arm Finger Grips - wrap the fingers of one hand around the finger grips at the top of the clipper arm (you can rotate the finger grip assembly for best position by loosening the two screws on the front of the finger grip assembly, rotating it left or right to where you like it then re-tightening the screws).

bullet Step 4 - Grip the Antioch Clipper® stabilizer handleStep 4 - Grip the Stabilizing Arm Handle - with your other hand. The Antioch Clipper® is completely ambidextrous so you can use it in whichever way is most comfortable for you.

bullet Step 5 - Align the Antioch Clipper® with the toenailStep 5 - Line Up The Toenail - holding the clipper arm finger grips with one hand and the stabilizing arm handle with the other hand, pivot the clipper left or right to position on the toenail. Use the magnifier, if necessary.

bullet Step 6 - Use the Antioch Clipper® to clip the nailStep 6 - Clip the toenail - by applying gentle pressure to the plunger on the top of the clipper arm with your thumb or the palm of your hand to clip the toenail.

bulletStep 7 - Repeat - the process for all of your toenails.

When you're done clipping all of your toenails, clean the clipper and store it back in the foam packing tray. After a little practice the whole process will become second nature and take you just a few minutes every few weeks.

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